Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What's Happening?

Good morning lovely bloggers,

You know I have been doing a little bit of this and that. I've just gotten myself certified - yes, I'd heard about it from a fellow blogger and when I met Suzyque, she gave me the site to go to. I filled out the application after reading what it all entailed and guess what...I took the course - about 4 hours and I'm now a Certified Scrapbook Instructor (CSI)!! How cool is that?

I am most proud of this particular layout because when King Mufasa saw it, he commented how "cute" it was. This is a joy coming from a man who thinks my crafting is not the most cost effective hobby I could have engaged in. I'm going to be making more defined layouts - so stay tuned.

Happy Crafting! :~)