Monday, September 28, 2009

Snowflakes, Sparkle, Spots, Stripes, Swirls

What a beautiful Monday this has turned out to be. Typically, I check the reader for the blogs I follow to see who has made what and what challenges are out there. A LOT of times, I just look because sometimes my crafty brain cells are just not up to par and sometimes the card has to be sent to that special file (trash bin). But today, I can get into another challenge - that wasn't easy, by the way.

Pollycraft Monday has a great design team that would have no problem with the challenges and always manages to put out some delightful cards to sample and inspire you. Usually, I just go ooh-ahh...and hope to one day create something spectacular like theirs.

Today is not that day. My card isn't spectacular but it did meet all five parts of the challenge: snowflakes, sparkle, spots, stripes, and swirls. My paper just so happened to have snowflakes on it, a little sparkle, some spots; so I added more sparkle to the swirls; and added a strip of striped paper. My little penguin is so cute, all tangled up in the lights., it's cold outside!!

A Shoe, Mummy, Fall card, Bookmark and a Purse

Yesterday was class with KT Hom and as usual, we had a blast there at the craft store. We started out making my favorite thing - a shoe. My aunt is going to love this - I'm going to make one in her favorite color (red) and put some sweets in it to go with the cards I made for her. With the shoe was a cute little purse with sweets inside. It was just one of those delicious days, you know what I mean?
KT is one of the best teachers and so patient. While doing the last card, I couldn't figure out how she made the faux knot even though I watched. I'm a morning person and fatigue and brainlessness starts in the afternoon and it was getting close to after 3 p.m. So, I just said to myself out loud, "Now how come I can't get this to work?" I didn't know KT was nearby and she heard me and came along and helped me finish my card. It came out fine. Of course, I know she saw that I had put my pumpkin piece upside down after all and hadn't she said to make sure NOT to do that. See - sometimes when you get older, you listen, sometimes...well, you know..."craft" happens. :) KT says mistakes are just opportunities. How cute is that?
The bookmark is so cool and fits perfect over the corner of a page. This would be a nice gift to wrap up quickly for a bunch of folks. We though it was a little house at first. Silly women. :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Sunday!

Good morning everyone!

I was following Jane's e-mail to me about a Copics class, helping me familiarize myself with these cool marking pens and she sent me to a cool place that I often forget to go to: ScrapbookingsuppliesRus, a cool site set up by our local craft store, Memories Live On. I'll be going there this afternoon for a class with KT Hom. As I was finished Jane's tutorial (you can find some cool stuff from her on here too) and looked at the free downloads tab and there was KT's purse I saw at the store the other day. I downloaded it and made some samples. It is so easy to construct and so much fun to give to co-workers or friends - especially little treats for Halloween.
Last year, KT also gave us a treat bag with goodies inside. Isn't this cool? It's made from an envelope. You seal the envelope and on one end, you cut out the pocket and handle without having to glue anything. Check out her blog - she might even have the tutorial for it!

Have a beautiful day!

My Blog Anniversary

It has been a month since I first began this blog and here I am now holding with three: this one for new crafters (cards or scrapbook), challengers (for those of us developing our craft) and Stampin' Up! for people interested in those products (hostesses, friends, family, etc.).

What I thought I'd do today is show you a card I made last year and one made in honor of this one month anniversary so that you can see the growth (hopefully it is apparent). Please keep in mind that it was my preference to move beyond my initial style and have it developed into something more lavish. You do NOT have to go that route. I'm a firm believer that your craft speaks of who you are and you should not change it for anyone. I've seen some beautiful cards here and I honestly believe they are all unique in their own way. That's what makes this craft so great!
Now this is not a bad card but you can see where I needed to work on my elements. Here is my anniversary card to myself for one month of blogging. I want to thank ALL those who hosts the blogs I follow and to those I've hopped to based on being on your site - because of you, I've been inspired to improve my card making techniques. Blogging has definitely given me new insight into the world of papercrafts. Thank YOU!
Now I'm not saying this is my ultimate best. I'm just saying I pay more attention to details now and different techniques. What do you think? Feel free to give your constructive feedback as I appreciate those in the arts who know.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Update on Paige's Condition

Remember about a month ago, we were all engaged to send cards to a sweet little girl named Paige who was in a boating accident? Well, she is home from the hospital and Erin would like to rally the troops together again to send more well wishes to this brave little sweetie. Please check out Erin's blog, which details Paige's condition and talks about the Whimsy stamp that was made for her. She also has a lot of contributors donating to help make it worth your while but I think just our good nature will do the trick, don't you? Let's spread the cheer and help bring smiles to someone else! Also, a card to Erin for her warm heart!

Here's the cute bear stamp Whimsy designed especially for Paige. Please do check out their blog to see how they're helping with donations for the family.
Also, there is a free digi stamp provided by Elizabeth from Soft Pencil. She is also providing donations for this cause.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Excitement Today!

Today has been a fabulous day for me and I just have to share it with you.

First, I met a fellow blogger - Irina Blount, La-La Land Crafts' owner, who designs absolutely fabulous cards. I finally got hubby to agree to go to Cranberry Hill Mercantile, a local gift store that I once had my goods at (ten years ago) so that I can purchase La-La Stamps. You can imagine my surprise and excitement when I entered the store and found the largest paper and stamp collection than any of the local big boys could contend with. I found Irina's booth and was thrilled. In fact, I glimpsed a woman at the counter and thought, I wonder if that's her. But I didn't want to appear to be a nosey person, so continued peering at everything. Now, keep in mind my husband is with me and if we were at a basketball game, he'd have all the patience in the world but not here in a craft store, so he was hurrying me along. I found the La-La Land stamps and sighed happily. Oh but it was difficult to decide which stamps to get. Decisions, decisions....finally, I found it and was headed to pay when guess who says, "Terry?" IRINA!! Now I know, for you this is no big deal, but for me it was extra special because I was purchasing stamps from the designer of these stamps that I'd fallen in love with. Earlier, I'd shared e-mail with one of her design team members, Jane (Whoopsie Daisy), who was helping me understand their latest challenge and how to do paper piecing. So this was a super delight for me. Irina and I talked about me taking a Copic class and I was left excited and thrilled beyond belief.

Secondly (forgive the long post but this is another great thing), I was blog hopping and though I can't remember whose blog I found it on, it is unique! Especially to new crafters: Craft Critique - Craft Product Reviews. I was browsing the blog and came upon the best info of all: Copic Markers. Irina and I had discussed my taking a Copic class and I was unsure because though all of her design team and others can use those markers, it was going to be a hefty investment because I heard those markers weren't cheap. Well, this blog had the information I needed. I checked out one report which led to another and even more in formation and I was sold. I kept thinking, this is perfect for beginners who don't really know what products are best. Sure, you read in a blog about this or that but it's like going to the doctor's office - how about a second opinion (an unbiased one). Well, Craft Critique is it. They have the know-it-all on the latest craft (even stuff I've never heard of).

*Sigh* A perfect end to a delightful day. :D How delightful is that? Thanks for listening!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The Papertake Weekly challenge DT put up some awesome samples for this week's challenge, which is just following the sketch. I love sketches! I've mentioned the fantastic paper pack I purchased that went perfectly with the die cuts and so with that, a new crafter could easily feel confident to enter a challenge, especially one with a sketch. Sometimes when you first start out, structure works best. Once you find your niche, fly high!
I just used a witch who has a spider hanging from her hat and a cat with gleaming eyes and that wicked smile. I added a knotted bow and some glam. The text was easy - just cut it to fit and there you have it. I hope you like it.

Halloween Happy

As a beginner to paper crafts, here's a tip for getting a quick start into the holiday card or scrapbooking mode - die cuts and paper packs. Here is a card I made using die cuts from my local "big boy" craft store. Guess what - they also had reversible paper to match. How easy is that?

I love die cuts that are not cheesy and cheap so when I found these and the paper to match, I was ecstatic! So I pulled out the 134 pieces and chose those that went well with the paper (eyes that form a smiling vampire toothed smile) and started stacking my spooky characters.
I'd been to Irina's page and felt the inspiration to make a bunch of these "easy-breezy" Halloween cards to friends. She always has something beautiful and captivating that I can take away with. I added glimmer to those eyes because that's the focus on the paper and I tied a "knot" type bow on ribbon that looks similar to candy corn. What a way to welcome in the ghoulishness of the season!

That was then...this is now...

I wanted to show you some of my craft when left to my own vices and some of the cards I made when in a class or inspired by some other cards. The card below was one I made after purchasing a really cool book that made me feel like an artistic Queen. They had the pattern for the small envelop and as you can see, I did good matching the papers. I was on a roll. I made a bunch of these (1999) and sold them at various venues.
This card was made at a craft store in Mountain View that closed a short time later - it was the location because the teacher was excellent and the store owner was very friendly. I had always looked at that card thinking I could reproduce it when I came home. I never could.I found this image through MS Office clip art and had matching paper and thought, wow, look at me. Go girl! I was on a rush then. This was last summer. My job was depressing and making cards at home kept me going (until they decided to lay me off).
I know how to take a Microsoft image and put it in PP to change the color of the item. They'd already had the image I wanted, I just wanted to use it more than once, so I change the color of her top and matched the paper with it. Ugh, what was I thinking? Lucky for me, my friends liked the cards.
Then I met KT at a class after web searching for a craft store in my area. I was thrilled at having found the store let alone that they actually had classes. Yep, paper heaven, here I come. This was last year. KT was a fabulous teacher and we always have fun in class. These little purses were a hit and I was able to duplicate it for a non-profit I volunteered for (I made 75 for the group's Christmas party and it was well received). Exciting isn't it?

Then I made these little goody bags for special co-workers at work. The EAs had to dress up as pirates and everyone loved the cute little goody I gave them. They thought I was so talented.

KT showed us how to make these as well. Imagine my excitement when I was able to duplicate these at Christmas for co-workers.
So, imagine how artsy I felt. I suddenly felt like making cards all over the place.
I guess reality had to set in sooner or later. Go ahead and laugh because I do now when I see these cards. I mean, honestly, did I need help or what? This was last year. I couldn't understand what the problem was. I finally realized I needed structure (typical of a person like me with OCD, right?).
This was made in August of this year. I did scraplift from a card KT gave me because I loved how she made the paper look like lace. I didn't have a punch, so I improvised. Not bad, huh?
I still have a ways to grow but I'm learning and the blogs have been immensely helpful and awesomely inspiring.

So whether you are new to crafting or you're in the middle like me. Keep on trying and find your niche. Pretty soon you'll be soaring like the experts here who can design on a dime. How cool is that?

Thank You Bloggers!

It is close to one month for me for blogging and I never thought it would be this much fun. I was always an audience to KT's blog and never felt the need to start one until Ramadan approached. I needed an activity (aside from web searching the job market, which is depressing in itself when no one feels you are qualified) and the creative bug bit me in an impressive way!

From one blog to another, I hop and I am amazed at the talent. When I was taking my wares from venue to venue, I only saw a few and some were digital but honestly, not that impressive. Of course, that was 10 years ago when scrap booking and greeting cards were really getting off to a better start. Now, woo hoo - I am in paper heaven!

I love getting feedback from my fellow crafters, especially those whose talent far reaches mine. I've learned so much from them. Thank you so much all of you (I can't name everyone for fear I will leave someone off) for your encouraging words and for your constant inspiration because your craft is what keeps me going. Thank YOU!!

As I get into my SU business, I will have my own challenges and be able to offer fabulous blog candy. So stay tuned to the Stampin' Delight blog. :P

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Clean & Simple

The team over at Clean & Simple have a sweet sketch for you to follow. You know how I love clean and simple and especially easy sketches because it means less errors for me to make. I know, one could easily still screw things up but the dimensions for each piece is identified so I was like, try it, you'll like it. :D So why not go over and check out the lovely design team's cards for inspiration. You'll love them.
One of my favorite artists, Heather, had them featured on her blog (she also designs for them) and inspired me to go check things out. I love looking at what others create because it helps define some of the artistic elements I want to bring to my cards (not by copying, of course). So go see what others do and you'll be inspired to use your tools differently for your own creations.

Too Soon for Holly and Jolly?

I hadn't thought about it until I entered the challenge for Inspirational Sketches when I realized, I'm doing more Christmas cards than Halloween or Fall. What's up with that?

So my card follows sketch #34, which is so nice. You should see what the design team did to inspire others. What a fabulous team to come up with so many different ideas to help you get started. Don't you just love it?
I used my SU stamp and added some bling, masking the sentiment so that I can use it separately as in the sketch. The paper is DCWV and red and green cardstock from my SU kit. It is a quiet little card dazzling with the holiday spirit, don't you think?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Stamp Something

Don't you love it when the challenge is to use your favorite papers or your favorite color on your paper craft? Well, Stamp Something's challenge this week is fun because you get to dig into your stash and find some goodies to glue together! I love blue and though this combination is teal and green, there are hues of blue, so I put together this entry for their fabulous challenge. Don't forget to give some love to the design team for putting together wonderful cards by which you will undoubtedly be inspired as I was. Don't you love it?
I used my SU stamp - isn't the bird cute? I distressed one of the flowers' petals because the color was so light. I used my Taken w/Teal to distress the white card stock and a soft overlay of Garden Green , Yo-Yo Yellow for the flower, and Only Orange on the beak. This definitely helped to brighten my day today! Also, I used DCWV specialty paper - my favorite papers to use!


My favorite craft instructor is KT Hom, who teaches at our local craft store, Memories Live On. I just had to feature her latest creation here because Halloween is coming up and more and more blogs are doing cards for this day - how fun is that? This is one of the cards she'll be teaching at the next class - next weekend - hooray, I'll be there! I thought this was so cute, I just had to share it.

In her classes, we always have fun because she makes sure that no matter what we create that day, what's important is having fun. I wish she would'nt retire from teaching at the end of this year because new paper crafters would enjoy being in her class and not feel the stress when first creating. She really knows how to make you feel at ease and even if you mess up (as I've done in every single class - from using repositionable adhesive instead of permanent to adhering my bow on the wrong end of the pouch), she won't scold you but will help you make it come out alright. Don't you just love a teacher who won't yell at you when you mess up? How cool is that?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Simple Times...

While this blog focuses on the new crafter, I thought I would show you some very simple cards I made for friends who took up my request to "follow" me on this blog. The cards actually came out quite well and works in well with keeping things simple and sweet in the beginning and working one's way up to crafty beauties such as Rowena's and Lisa's. There are others who create such lovely paper crafts but I am saving them for other posts. :p

The beginner will find that layering is actually a very simple and cost efficient way to start this craft. You can always buy paper in packs (even cardstock) and create a number of cards with little embellishments like buttons, ribbon, flowers and brads.
I bundled these goodies into a cute envelope I made using a template of the photo envelopes you get when processing photos, added ribbon around that and a goodie bag full of treats. It's a nice thank you gift and very simply made. Quite cute aren't they?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Relax and unwind...

I think we often get so caught up in the doings of our world that we forget some of the important things in life. We also forget to take care of ourselves because we have so many others to take care of. Sure, it's just me and my darling husband but trust me, he requires lots of attention. Sometimes, I just want to do what the lady in the old Calgon commercial did: "Calgon, take me away!" With that said, I put this little goody together. I used my Pretty in Pink pastel to soften the textured white card stock and added glitz to the bubbles. I scissor distressed the edges and popped it up on sticky foam thingees. How inviting is that?

Keeping it Simple

I found these little girls stashed away on a 12 x 12 as a border and thought, let's cut them out and make something. Then I let them sit for awhile because I was too busy entering challenges. I finally found something appropriate for this blog - keep it simple. When I sit at the table, I sit with a goal in mind and that is to make a card. Usually I have an idea and can just go with the flow but sometimes, my brain just sits there blank with stupidity and nothing comes out. These are the times to think "simply." There's no fluff on this card but the paper itself lends to pretty colors in circles that make the faces of these characters seem even happier. Sometimes, it's okay to just do it plain and simple. How delightful is that?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just Letter Stickers

The challenges at Practical Scrappers are always useful because its purpose is for you to use the supplies you already have. My husband loves that concept of course, whereas I prefer to just shop until I drop! After all, we're talking about paper crafts!

So, you had to do a craft using letter stickers and you know, kind of do it up nice like the design team did - different stuff, not the usual captions and journaling - make it POP!! Well, the design team is fantastic and I'm still in the early stages, so I tried to capture my layout by the content - my three sons. Boy, those were the days...big tennis shoes and jeans all over the place - groceries eaten up constantly and rough housing...goodness! But now, the twins are 27 and my eldest is 29 - from boys to men...they're OUT of the house - whoopee!!! :-P Don't you just love them when they're babies??

Monday, September 14, 2009

Halloween Treats

One of my favorite places for challenges is the Cuttlebug Spot because it makes good use of my Cuttlebug, which sat amongst the dust bunnies taking up space. This week's challenge is Confetti Creations using any folder you want but make those plain pieces of paper an embossing treat! You should see what the design team has done! Jeannie inspired me with her beautiful pumpkins (mine aren't as good as hers) and you can find a tutorial on her blog - it's really cool!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Exciting News!

I'm so excited that I can hardly sleep! I received my kit from Stampin' Up! last night and waited for hubby to fall asleep so that I could bask in the deliciousness of opening the box and looking at all of the goodies! I love the stamps I picked!

That's right, I am an official Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator. I have already created a blog exclusively for cards and scrapbook layouts that I will display there. This is where I will feature challenges and blog candy (in a few months because right now, we are still learning the paces of stamping).

You should see all the cool stuff you get in your kit. 'Tis the season for card making and scrappin' isn't it? Whoo-hoo!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Simplicity in Cardmaking

I've been so busy entering challenges, I'd forgotten the main purpose of my blog - to help new cardmakers get started! Sorry about that.

In keeping with the theme of basic shapes in cardmaking, it's a good thing to keep in mind about simple sketches. There are a number of blogs that "sketch" challenges and those are fun to do. But if you are just starting and not ready for challenges, you can still make some interesting and cute cards. Better Homes & Gardens is a good place to get inspired. Some of their layouts are simple and they offer free downloads on paper piecing, which is simply putting parts of an image together (e.g. the cone of an ice cream, the scoops, etc.).

If you are just starting and do not want to spend a lot of money until you feel well engrossed in this new hobby, you could start with basic white cardstock, simple paper (not the designer kind, the less expensive packs), flowers, buttons, basic color brads and ribbon for embellishments. This little supply shouldn't cost much and will last you awhile.

I put together some really very simple cards that are cute and take little time to put together.

Then, I created this cute little pouch to put the cards in. I simply copied the pattern of the photo envelope you get when you have photos printed. In particular, I ordered prints from Kodak and used their envelope as a template. I took designer cardstock and outline the pattern including the scoring lines and it came out lovely. You might not want to undertake that task just yet. I had a blast making these greeting cards (and holder) for my family and friends who "followed" me on this blog.

Win Some Candy from CraftyPagan Designs

If you ever want to be inspired, it's good to find someone and watch her blog because this will certainly help put you in the right frame of mind to do some crafting. I did. Rowena, of Crafty Pagan Designs was one of the first blogs I became enamored with. Her style is absolutely lovely and one couldn't help but be satisfied to task after the likes of her. She is celebrating 20,000 hits on her blog by sharing candy (see below) with everyone if you follow the instructions on her blog - go check it out! If you don't have a blog, once you see hers, you'll want one - I did. :-)

Monday, September 7, 2009

I Won - The Cuttlebug Spot Liked My Card

Imagine sitting at the computer browsing through the Blogger reader for new post from the blogs you follow and you see YOUR card posted as a winner on one of the blogs! I had to quietly scream out, I WON! because hubby was still sleeping (yeah, it's 3:43 a.m.). But check out The Cuttlebug Spot and see the headlines - I'm so proud of myself! But I have to give credit to their DT because they made some awesome cards to inspire me to make that card with my Cuttlebug! How fabulous is that? Woohoo!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

How Cute is That?

You should really check out Practical Scrappers! This blog is dedicated to making use of the supplies you already have. That's one way to save money! So I created two cards and though many of us discourage "scraplifting" (using someone else's design to make a card), this is the place if you can't come up with anything and need to make a card from a design already in place. This is the site to use for that purpose. I wanted to use my Cricut for this purpose - so check it all out!

Friday, September 4, 2009


When you are a beginner with card making, sometimes one of the hardest thing to do is to put together a layout and coordinating colors. I am not one who can go out of the "matching" color palette on my own. That's why you should check out Scrapmaster's Paradise Color Combo blog. The owner, Samantha, has such excitement about paper crafts that it will inspire you to take up the color challenge. What an awesome way to learn more about color combinations! Here's my entry for this challenge.