Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Simplicity in Cardmaking

I've been so busy entering challenges, I'd forgotten the main purpose of my blog - to help new cardmakers get started! Sorry about that.

In keeping with the theme of basic shapes in cardmaking, it's a good thing to keep in mind about simple sketches. There are a number of blogs that "sketch" challenges and those are fun to do. But if you are just starting and not ready for challenges, you can still make some interesting and cute cards. Better Homes & Gardens is a good place to get inspired. Some of their layouts are simple and they offer free downloads on paper piecing, which is simply putting parts of an image together (e.g. the cone of an ice cream, the scoops, etc.).

If you are just starting and do not want to spend a lot of money until you feel well engrossed in this new hobby, you could start with basic white cardstock, simple paper (not the designer kind, the less expensive packs), flowers, buttons, basic color brads and ribbon for embellishments. This little supply shouldn't cost much and will last you awhile.

I put together some really very simple cards that are cute and take little time to put together.

Then, I created this cute little pouch to put the cards in. I simply copied the pattern of the photo envelope you get when you have photos printed. In particular, I ordered prints from Kodak and used their envelope as a template. I took designer cardstock and outline the pattern including the scoring lines and it came out lovely. You might not want to undertake that task just yet. I had a blast making these greeting cards (and holder) for my family and friends who "followed" me on this blog.


Lisa aka Allissa said...

wow Terri what a fabul;ous pacage of cards! & that sweety pocket is a fantastic idea!

Simply gorgeous babes.

angiejean said...

I'm loving your site! I'm all about sharing information! So often it's assumed that we all know how to do _____, but we don't! Love these cards too. And thanks for taking part in our challenges over at Practical Scrappers!