Saturday, September 26, 2009

Update on Paige's Condition

Remember about a month ago, we were all engaged to send cards to a sweet little girl named Paige who was in a boating accident? Well, she is home from the hospital and Erin would like to rally the troops together again to send more well wishes to this brave little sweetie. Please check out Erin's blog, which details Paige's condition and talks about the Whimsy stamp that was made for her. She also has a lot of contributors donating to help make it worth your while but I think just our good nature will do the trick, don't you? Let's spread the cheer and help bring smiles to someone else! Also, a card to Erin for her warm heart!

Here's the cute bear stamp Whimsy designed especially for Paige. Please do check out their blog to see how they're helping with donations for the family.
Also, there is a free digi stamp provided by Elizabeth from Soft Pencil. She is also providing donations for this cause.

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