Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Excitement Today!

Today has been a fabulous day for me and I just have to share it with you.

First, I met a fellow blogger - Irina Blount, La-La Land Crafts' owner, who designs absolutely fabulous cards. I finally got hubby to agree to go to Cranberry Hill Mercantile, a local gift store that I once had my goods at (ten years ago) so that I can purchase La-La Stamps. You can imagine my surprise and excitement when I entered the store and found the largest paper and stamp collection than any of the local big boys could contend with. I found Irina's booth and was thrilled. In fact, I glimpsed a woman at the counter and thought, I wonder if that's her. But I didn't want to appear to be a nosey person, so continued peering at everything. Now, keep in mind my husband is with me and if we were at a basketball game, he'd have all the patience in the world but not here in a craft store, so he was hurrying me along. I found the La-La Land stamps and sighed happily. Oh but it was difficult to decide which stamps to get. Decisions, decisions....finally, I found it and was headed to pay when guess who says, "Terry?" IRINA!! Now I know, for you this is no big deal, but for me it was extra special because I was purchasing stamps from the designer of these stamps that I'd fallen in love with. Earlier, I'd shared e-mail with one of her design team members, Jane (Whoopsie Daisy), who was helping me understand their latest challenge and how to do paper piecing. So this was a super delight for me. Irina and I talked about me taking a Copic class and I was left excited and thrilled beyond belief.

Secondly (forgive the long post but this is another great thing), I was blog hopping and though I can't remember whose blog I found it on, it is unique! Especially to new crafters: Craft Critique - Craft Product Reviews. I was browsing the blog and came upon the best info of all: Copic Markers. Irina and I had discussed my taking a Copic class and I was unsure because though all of her design team and others can use those markers, it was going to be a hefty investment because I heard those markers weren't cheap. Well, this blog had the information I needed. I checked out one report which led to another and even more in formation and I was sold. I kept thinking, this is perfect for beginners who don't really know what products are best. Sure, you read in a blog about this or that but it's like going to the doctor's office - how about a second opinion (an unbiased one). Well, Craft Critique is it. They have the know-it-all on the latest craft (even stuff I've never heard of).

*Sigh* A perfect end to a delightful day. :D How delightful is that? Thanks for listening!


craftypagan said...

Very very exciting day hun! I love the lalaland blog, the challenges and the stamps! I would definetly recommend copics too, I had promarkers but copics, in my opinion, are far superior! You'll love them! Lots of love, Rowena

Irina said...

Oh Terry, you are the sweetest!! I was exited to meet you as well!! And, I saw that you got a few more La-La Land Crafts stamps :-) Can't wait to see you cards!!
Thank you, thank you!!
:) Irina

Whoopsie Daisy! said...

Irina was telling me all about meeting you the other day. I am so glad you had the opportunity to stop in the store and she just happened to be there! Isn't she just the best?! I know she thinks the same of you!


Sue from Oregon said...

Terry! How fun for you. I have not met "the Girls" but I do chat on facebook and email! They are soooo NICE! I learn so much from each challenge! Thanks for visiting my blog as well...I always get exicted when I have visitors that leave comments! I am off to work on my challenge card! Have a great day and can't wait to see what you create with...good luck with your copics too...they are addictive.