Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thank You Bloggers!

It is close to one month for me for blogging and I never thought it would be this much fun. I was always an audience to KT's blog and never felt the need to start one until Ramadan approached. I needed an activity (aside from web searching the job market, which is depressing in itself when no one feels you are qualified) and the creative bug bit me in an impressive way!

From one blog to another, I hop and I am amazed at the talent. When I was taking my wares from venue to venue, I only saw a few and some were digital but honestly, not that impressive. Of course, that was 10 years ago when scrap booking and greeting cards were really getting off to a better start. Now, woo hoo - I am in paper heaven!

I love getting feedback from my fellow crafters, especially those whose talent far reaches mine. I've learned so much from them. Thank you so much all of you (I can't name everyone for fear I will leave someone off) for your encouraging words and for your constant inspiration because your craft is what keeps me going. Thank YOU!!

As I get into my SU business, I will have my own challenges and be able to offer fabulous blog candy. So stay tuned to the Stampin' Delight blog. :P

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