Monday, September 28, 2009

A Shoe, Mummy, Fall card, Bookmark and a Purse

Yesterday was class with KT Hom and as usual, we had a blast there at the craft store. We started out making my favorite thing - a shoe. My aunt is going to love this - I'm going to make one in her favorite color (red) and put some sweets in it to go with the cards I made for her. With the shoe was a cute little purse with sweets inside. It was just one of those delicious days, you know what I mean?
KT is one of the best teachers and so patient. While doing the last card, I couldn't figure out how she made the faux knot even though I watched. I'm a morning person and fatigue and brainlessness starts in the afternoon and it was getting close to after 3 p.m. So, I just said to myself out loud, "Now how come I can't get this to work?" I didn't know KT was nearby and she heard me and came along and helped me finish my card. It came out fine. Of course, I know she saw that I had put my pumpkin piece upside down after all and hadn't she said to make sure NOT to do that. See - sometimes when you get older, you listen, sometimes...well, you know..."craft" happens. :) KT says mistakes are just opportunities. How cute is that?
The bookmark is so cool and fits perfect over the corner of a page. This would be a nice gift to wrap up quickly for a bunch of folks. We though it was a little house at first. Silly women. :)

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KT said...

Your are tooooo kind with all of your comments, Terry! If I ever need an agent or PR rep, you'll be the first one I call - hehe!