Thursday, August 27, 2009

Card Happy

I cannot tell you how much pleasure can be obtained from creating a beautiful hand made greeting card. Imagine what it feels like to receive one! That's why I enjoy making cards - the creativity holds no bounds.

I had to start a blog about greeting cards (although there is no shortage of blogs on card making) and focus in on the basics. Some of the cards out there are so magnificent that a beginner might shy away from attempting to get down to the nitty gritty in this paper craft.

Craftypagan Designs inspired me with her blog and beautifully hand crafted cards. I find it useful to find an artist that inspires you to bring your creativity cells to full tilt. I started taking classes at Memories Live On and KT Hom inspired me more than my wildest dreams could imagine. I'd taken classes after taking a break from my "pack up the cart & sell my crafts" stint and sitting at just one of her classes had the creativity bug biting!

There's so much to take in sometimes so I thought this blog would help make things easy - one die-cut at a time, so to speak. So, this will be my first post as I get this blog popping - feel free to share your tips and techniques as well!

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craftypagan said...

Hi hun! Gosh I'm sooo flattered that I inspired you to start a blog! Little old me! Gosh! I'm so glad you've started one and I hope in turn you'll inspire others! Blogging has been a real blessing to me and opened up a world I didn't even know existed! Lots of Love, Rowena