Sunday, July 4, 2010

An Award - Thank you Judy!

Good morning y'all!

You know, my blogger friend, Judy, is very talented. She makes really great crafts and optimizes the use of her Cricut (unlike me). On Sunday, she posted an award she received and I went to congratulate her and learned that she'd included me as one of the recipients to receive it from her. Wasn't that sweet? Thank YOU Judy!

This award comes with a set of rules...

1) Thank the person who gave it to you
2) Tell seven things about yourself
3) Pass the award on to five bloggers whom you think are fantastic.

Seven things about me that I haven't already disclosed...

1) I am really blessed by God and need to remember that more often.
2) I love Food Network - it really inspires me to cook and boy can I cook!
3) I love to spend money - just wish I had more to spend. (heehee)
4) I love to create crafts and never get tired of it.
5) I love to read (trying to catch up on the last two of the Harry Potter series right now).
6) I am an obsessive compulsive - yep, they call it OCD.
7) I love blogging and meeting new friends; love all the talent out there.

I'm passing on this award to 5 bloggers who I think are fantastic....please do visit them and you'll think so too...

*Maganda Memories - Myra does vintage so eloquently.
*Peanuts and Peppers Papercrafting - Lisa, my crafty Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.
*Mulberry Station - Nancy, a very talented and sweet crafter.
*Crom's Cubby Hole - Helen, a super crafty and wonderful crafter.
*Rose Petal Creations - Sandra, so supportive; takes card making to a higher level.

I'm so happy these women are a part of my blogging world - they make it special like so many of my other blogging buddies!

Thanks again Judy! :-)


Rose Petal said...

Hiya Terry. Thank you so much for this award, it is a wonderful surprise. I am thrilled to bits that you thought of me. I will do my best to put it on my blog tonight, but it may take a while to sort the questions etc!!
Many thanks once again, Happy crafting.
with love, Sandra xxx

Judy said...

Hi Terry! Thanks you deserve to receive this award. You are an amazing and wonderful person. Im so glad I met you. Have a wonderful day my friend.