Saturday, August 21, 2010

An Award from Lovely Sandra & Monica

Hello everyone,

How's your Saturday today? Mine is special because I've awaken with a dry mouth (ugh) and can't have water until after the sun goes down. I was up at 3 am, trying to eat an energy bar so that I can last throughout the day and glug as much water as I could before dawn. As Ramadan continues and I fast faithfully, my sweet dear blogger friend, Sandra surprised me with a sweet award (and then surprised on Sunday to have it from Monica).

I feel quite honored when I am given award and will start posting on my sidebar after seeing so many others do so. It's so nice to be thought of so nicely, isn't it? With it, you must do a little bit of something with this award:

1. Thank the person who sent it to you. Thank you so much Sandra and Monica!
2. Put it on your blog.
3. List 3 things about yourself.

**I like to paint and took a class but failed miserably -- so I like to WISH I could paint.
**I get bored easily.
**Most of the time, I really like to help others...when I'm not being such a witch.

4. Post a favorite picture.

This is King Mufasa and I in Casablanca (Morocco, N. Africa) at the largest mosque there; one of the fountains (four years ago). Isn't the tile work beautiful? An exciting adventure - I married the King that year in Morocco.

5. Pass on to 5 other bloggers. I'd like to pass this sweet award to:

Heather - a sweet blogger whose love and devotion to God always inspires me.
Lisa - a sweet friend who really lifts me up with her sweet words of encouragement.
Donna - a sweet and talented blogger whose cards keep me motivated.
Faye - a sweet blogger whose blog is filled with fun and witty experiences that keep me laughing.
Nancy - the sweetest blogger with a strong spirit ; her comments always warm my heart.

Sandra and Monica, thanks for making my day! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Happy Crafting! :~)


Faye said...

What a sweetie you are - thanks for thinking of me. Have a great weekend. xxx

mulberry station said...

Thanks Terry, You warm my heart and have made my day! I was feeling a little lonely today...It is nice to know I have good friends out there!! Thanks for always being there...even though we really don't know each other very well, somehow, you have always seemed like a very dear close friend! Have a great weekend too! Nancy

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

congrats and well deserved Terry xx

Monica said...

Hey Terry,

I love that picture... amazing colours and fantastic architecture.

It was wonderful to chat with you on email.

I better follow the rules that go along with receiving the award. I was not sure whether I have to pass it on.





LisaLisa said...

Terry, Thank You So Much for nominating me for this award! You and your friendship are a blessing to me! I am so glad to be in the company of someone who is sweet and kind and an extraordinary papercrafter!

Donna said...

Oh My Goodness Terry, thank you so much for this means so much to me and it's scrummy with the little cupcakes too! Your photo is absolutely stunning and I love the kaleidsacope of colour behind you! Good luck with the fasting, you are doing so well and I admire your stamina..take care my friend :) Donna x