Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sew Done....

Hello lovely bloggers!

I have been busy, inspired by the ever talented Mrs. A. Of course, I am not as talented as this lady is - I'm still in awe of her craftiness. Nonetheless, I was inspired to get out that big fat sewing machine, slam it on the craft desk (having made room for this monstrous beast) and set out to sew something.

I had all my sewing tools ready. Let me tell, I always need that blasted seam ripper! Can you guess what the pattern is?

Well, here's the body all done - just need to attach some arms and ears to this little darling.

There she is - my little bunny rabbit. Well, it isn't really little, but very cuddly.

I thought the first one was so much fun to make, why not make another and so I did. Oops, she needs a nose and mouth doesn't she? Uh-oh, she needs more than that!

Oh yes, we can't these little lovelies hopping about without a cute dress and britches, now can we? I started making a pinafore and the little gray cells ceased to function and so we made a vest and it turned out quite cute after all.

These little darlings won't be staying in California because they're a nice little gift for twin girls living in the UK. *smile* I'm told they'll be a welcomed addition to the cozy little home.

I hope you're all staying warm and enjoying the weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Crafting! :~)


Rose Petal said...

Hiya Terry. These are absolutely gorgeous, and I am sure that the ever-so-talented Mrs. A. will be extremely proud of you, I know I am. The girls will adore them, and love them, as much as you have enjoyed making them. Happy crafting myu friend.
With love, Sandra xx

Joynana said...

Terry, you never cease to amaze me. These are just soooo lovely. I wish I had just a little of your talent and time. Thanks for being such an inspiration.

1CardCreator said...

You are Sew talented Terry! These are perfectly adorable and the outfits are so cute too. You are such a sweet gal! ~Diane

Beebeebabs said...

Thank you sooo much Terry. OMG I love love love these outfits they are the cutest things. I love sewing I have a sewing machine collecting dust lol. Thanks for sharing!!!

mulberry station said...

Hi Terry, Arlana and I use to make all kinds of stuffed bunnies. Actually had a bunch of them all over the house. Yours turned out so cute. You did a great job sewing and I am sure the twins will love them.
Hugs to you! :)

Audrey Frelx said...

OMG, Terry, if these are the cutest!!! You've really inspired me to clean the dust off my sewing machine and get busy!!!

I haven't made stuffed dolls/animals in a long time and I wasn't all that great at them then -- yours, along with the outfits are just amazing!!! You could sell those!!!

Great job!

P.S. Going to pull out my sewing machine today, girlfriend!!!

Judy said...

You go Terry! Your sewing is fabulous. They are so cute! I know the twin girls will love those cute rabbits:)Have a great weekend!

Donna said...

Wow Terry, these darling little bunnies are sooooo cute and how clever are you to have made the bunnies and their certainly don't need me to send you any creativeness you have oodles of it already...they are scrummilicious and the twins will love them with all their hearts :) Donna x

Mrs A. said...

Who you trying to fool? Can't Sew indeed!!!!These are just gorgeous. Their clothes are delightful. Lucky little twins.
As for that brute of a machine of yours. Singer 'Simple' makes my
Singer that only does 4 different stiches look positively medieval.
Glad I was able to inspire you.
Hugs Mrs A.

Jan said...

Well! Isn't this about the cutest bunny EVER! Love your blog and am your newest follower :)

Monica said...

What an ideal gift for the Chinese New Year which is the year of the rabbit.

Love your adorable rabbits and look at those delightful clothes they have... So you have been really busy, Terry.

I love the ribbons and the frills on them - what amazing PATIENCE you have, Terry.



Shelly said...

These are absolutely adorable, Terry!!! I'm sure they will be cherished. My daughter received one like this when she was a toddler. She's 24 and still has it. :)