Monday, March 21, 2011

Another Blog Award!

Hello everyone!

I am always shocked when someone gives me award and it makes me shy about accepting it. But I want to acknowledge those I've received this month.

I received this award from Netta and Anna (February 27th but I was too noodle-headed to check and see until now - sorry Anna). Both of these ladies' blogs are filled with loads of delightful crafts that will surely inspire you. They certainly help me when I'm feeling unmoved or empty headed about the next craft project. Thank you Netta and Anna!

I received this award from Fluff who has a really entertaining blog, "FluffnStuff." She always has tidbits to titillate the sometimes drollness of blogging. Her darling baby, Sweet Cheeks, keeps her on her toes as all children do but she's never without a crafty project that is incredibly awesome. Thank you Fluff!

And this award is from lovely Irene, who was so kind to include me in her list of bloggers to award:

Irene's blog, "It's All in the Cards" showcases a bounty of beautiful crafts she has made - she is so very talented! Thank you so much for being so kind and thinking of me, Irene. Check her blog out for yourself and see the wonderful things she's made.

Edited to add: Monica of Handmade cards with love passed this on to me. She's such a wonderful lady who always thinks of others and makes the most wonderful cards that she gives to charities. Thank you for thinking of me Monica!

It is taking me awhile to revamp myself from my visit to San Diego's Independent Film Festival and the arrival of King Mufasa --- everything went well in Morocco and we are back to our normal routine...well, the unpacking is taking awhile...the King bought back some lovely goodies for his devoted wifey. *big smile* Once I get myself in order, I'll be around to your blogs to see what I've missed y'all! ;-)

Happy Crafting! :~)


Terry Oulboub said...

Since no one commented here, let me congratulate myself on being chosen for so many awards from these fantastic ladies - thank you! ;-)

Monica said...

Hi Terry,

See I am here to comment... how can I not comment on such a beautiful blogger's blog???

So glad that King is back with goodies for his wife... Enjoy!

xxx Monica