Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blog Candy at Tellen's Place Designs

Good morning everyone,

Jam reminded me this morning that today is the last day to snag that blog candy at Tellen's Place Designs! He's so helpful - Mrs. A. and Monkey taught him well.

TPD has a new format - click here to check it out! There's a new freebie and loads of lovely photos in the gallery of the images and samples. I'd like to get more followers there, so if you get a moment to check it out and follow, that'd be so cool! ;-)

Happy Crafting! :~)


1CardCreator said...

Congratulations I see that number climbing quickly again Terry! Your followers are so loyal. Love Jam's top.

Mrs A. said...

Just popped over. Now you have 52 folowers. hugs Mrs A. So glad to see Jam making himself useful.

mulberry station said...

Hi Terry, What a cute sock monkey!! I just had to stop by and say hi. I really appreciate all your sweet comments all the time. Hugs, Nancy

mulberry station said...

By the way, thanks so much for the freebie.

Donna said...

Hi Terry, hope you are OK and keeping well! Jam is so cute...he kind of reminds of monkeh in the T-Bag adverts here in the UK lol! Mrs A is soooo clever and you can see that Jam was created with much love! I loved your watching your video...absolutely amazing and I was mesmerized with your story :) Donna x

Leanne said...

Hey Terry! Just stopping by and checking out you blogs! Oh my...blogging is a bit overwhelming for me ( hahah...can you tell I'm a newbie lol!!!). Soooo much to see!!! :-D
Lovin it though! Great work Terry! You are do talented.
Hugs ~ Luv Lee :-P