Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hello everyone!

You know, it has been rather difficult for me to sit down and craft - work and school do not mix with my limited "time" for some reason.  Well, I did try to craft holiday cards but didn't get too far.  This is what I started out with:

This looks like paper but these are cards - decorated paper by DCWV (I believe) and envelopes were included.  They were about $10 for a set of 40.  I picked this set because I knew I had a supply of holiday accessories to add that would match the color scheme.

These buttons were on sale, buy two, get one free (at JoAnn's).  I was surprised to find so many!  The ribbon was 50% off - what a deal!

These tags work well as centerpieces and they matched the "antique", non-traditional Christmas colors.  Here is one of the cards I came up with:

I found some coordinating paper to mat my Santa tag on, added the "Merry Christmas" ribbon and a tag that I had purchased from a friend from the UK who was selling them at the time.

This is the inside of the card.  The fence punch by Martha Stewart came from my good friend, Sandra, who lives in the UK, which is freezing this time of year.  Brrrr!! ;-)  Isn't Rudolph cute?

Well, stay tuned and I'll try to remember to come back and show you the other three cards I made.

Happy Holidays!


Joynana said...

Hi Terry, I think that your cards are going to be great.. I try to keep mine simple. and no stressing.

Joynana said...
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Judy said...

Hi Terry, Love your Christmas card! Have a great day:)

Monica said...

How clever Terry, what you did with your card... super bright idea. So good to see you blogging, my friend.
Thanks for visiting and leaving me such encouraging comments. You always know how to make my day. I open the box you sent me almost every two days, look at all the contents lovingly and then put them all back in as my hoarding instincts take the better of me. But I will SURELY be using those wonderful embellies - and that is why you sent them, right??? For me to use and not to hoard... I hope my mind is listening. Lol.

Much love and keep crafting please,
Monica xxx

1CardCreator said...

Great card, great idea to do the mix and match too. Glad to know things are good with you. Take care my friend and Merry Christmas. ~Diane

Unknown said...


Looks like you're back in the saddle, LadyBird!


You are so talented. I'll always remember growing up with your lil' craft room in the house and watching you explore various sewing, crocheting, knitting AND scrapbooking!