Thursday, January 22, 2015

Upcycle Those Brown Grocery Bags

Good morning peeps!

Although most cities in the Silicon Valley have chosen to eliminate that useful plastic bag since it remains in the compost at the end of the century, we've been given the choice to bring our own reusable bags or purchase a brown bag.  Some of the retailers charge as much as a quarter for those things and I always forget to get my reusable bags out of the car.  So, here's what I've done with them:

 I added washi tape to decorate the large mailing envelope I made from these grocery bags.  I left room the return address, postage and the shipping address.

Then I decorated the outside of the bag.  The wider black tape is duck tape - over the seams to prevent something opening once the parcel is tossed about by the postal handlers.

Yeah, the left corner of the above envelope is zentangle - take a closer look - I was having a ball.

The silver tape is duck tape.

I tried to be creative and make, yeah, that didn't happen - but it's still cute.

This one is color coordinated.  Fun with washi tape, wouldn't you say?  So don't throw those brown grocery bags away.  Oh, look what else I made:

I used the Envelope Board (from We are Memory Keepers) to make the envelope.

I used flowers I've had since 2009.  This makes such a nice envelope to send a hostess of swaps or adding some lovely craft items inside and make a RAK (random act of kindness).

On one I added lace and Tilda images that really makes it so cute.  Valentine's Day is coming up so I had to add some hearts to another.

On the last one, I made a border with washi tape and then did zentangle.  Oh yeah, this was a great way to practice my zentangle.  I recall Mrs. A. doing this years ago and thought I could never do that...well, never say  never!

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Crafting! :-)


Mrs A. said...

Great recycling of th grocery bags. Love the zen tangle envelope. Hugs Mrs A.

Beebeebabs said...

Very nice and creative - love them all thanks for sharing!!!

Faye Wynn-Jones said...

Oh what great bags! They have such a happy feel to them! x