Saturday, June 6, 2015

Yikes...another month

Howdy peeps!

Where does the time go?? I've been busy crafting...what about you...I know...I need to go check you out...

This is one of the many pocket letter pals I made, swapping with others and sending to friends.  This one is "Tilda" focused - the front above.

The back, according to the originator, Janette Lane, is to be filled with goodies.  My Sissy, Nancy Martinez, loved this.

To see more, check out my channel on You Tube.

Thanks for stopping to see what you're up to.

Happy Crafting!


Beebeebabs said...

Wow love your Pocket Letter project you did a fabulous job thanks for sharing!!!

Monica said...

This is so, so, so creative and advanced. Loving the colour scheme and everything else about it.

It is such a delight to have you visit, dear Terry. I use your stuff with much gratitude and appreciation. Thank you.


Judy's Vintage Collections said...

Hi Terry, I see you blog too! I used to blog and I still have three blogs! And I still update every so often! I found this when I PM you. Will take time to look at yours later tonight! What I see I liked! Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Judy

Mrs A. said...

your pockets look lovely. I'm going to a class in a couple of weeks to learn how to make these. sounds and looks like it will be fun. just catching up with everyone whilst my internet is behaving itself.
Hugs Mrs A.