Saturday, January 14, 2017

What's happening everybody?!

So here we are - already going forward with the third week of the new year and where I'm located - it's freezing!  I know...I know...50 degrees is tropical to some but you have to remember on the west coast, we have to travel far to get to the mountain to see snow.   Now, here's this week's creative craft:

These are index cards made for a swap I'm in with my friend Audrey.  Typically, if you search Pinterest, you will see that crafters use sprays and other mixed media to make the index cards.  Well, I don't like that stuff on my hands, so I do the "dry" creative aspect to Index Cards.  They each still can tell a cool story with a paper background.

Happy Crafting!


Mrs A. said...

These are all fab but my I eye is drawn to the pink flamingos. hugs Mrs A.

Monica said...

Hello my dear Terry,

So happy to see you here. Your cards are cute and lovely.

I love the one with the flamingos on it.

I am so grateful still for all the lovely papers and stuff you sent me.

Happy New Year,