Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Blog Hop

Good day everyone!

Here's just a quick post to remind everyone about the blog hop happening at Tellen's Place tomorrow.

I'm excited to have a new home for Tellen Designs images. Look how cute our signature characters, Edward and Ally are. They will have new friends joining them, so come see. We will also have new cards that the design team has already created and is ready to showcase. Tellen's Place will be giving away prizes and these will really be fun as they are centered around the new products that will be available on the new website.

Tellen...Tellen...Tellen...it really isn't a common name, is it? That's because without the "T", it is my middle name. With both together, it is a common name my mom used when she couldn't get my attention. *smile*

Happy crafting y'all --- hope to see you hopping tomorrow!!


Faye said...

Love the story about your Mum. Also love the card, it's fab. So bright and cheery. xxx

KymKreates said...

so very cute, so your middle name is Ellen???