Saturday, January 30, 2010

Maggie and Mable

You know, I never expected to meet such wonderful people through blogging. I am overwhelmed with the kindness shown here because often, I will be in a store and find that many times, people won't even smile at you, let alone look at you. It's a different world these days so it warms my heart when I meet delightful people and I've met quite a few.

Earlier this week, a package came from my friend and sis, Lisa. I opened it to find an array of lovely crafts that you just would die for - it was like Christmas all over again. But what really touched me was the cute little doll inside with a certificate saying her name: Maggie - and she had a twin: Mable. It made me cry because I thought of how as a little girl, I had an imaginary playmate who would play "dolls" with me. We would be laughing and having pretend tea...would scare my mom because she thought I had someone in the room with me until she learned it was me "pretending" - should have seen her face! *giggle*

Isn't Maggie adorable? Lisa also made me a beautiful card which I'm going to add to the scrapbook I'm going to make, courtesy of Jude who sent it to me as part of a Christmas RAK. Another lovely darling who brought tears to my eyes with her generosity.

Lisa ROCKED my world! Thank you sweetie! ;-)


Myra said...

That is very sweet!

Donna said...

I love your story about Maggie and how she reminds you of your childhood...what a lovely sister you have and she obviously knows exactly which gifts will bring a smile to your face :) I think Maggie is adorable and such a beautiful card too :) Donna x

Faye said...

What a beautiful doll and a beautiful story. I am touched and smiling. I just love to walk along and smile at people, doesn't take any extra time and makes me feel great. Here's smiling at you babe! x

Alien said...

This reminds me of the dolls I used to make when Faye was little. I made her one for her sixth birthday and when her friends saw her they all wanted one as well. As each of her friends turned six they got one too. I ended up making over a dozen in the end. Faye's is still up in the loft and yes she did survive the attack with the knitting needles by NSUH.
I have my own blog spot now so I can post a picture of her.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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