Monday, October 4, 2010


Hello everyone!

My beautiful friend, Diva Sandra, bestowed upon me and the rest of the Tellen Designs Divas, a prestigious award: The Beautiful Blogger Award.

Typically with these kinds of awards, you're supposed to talk about yourself but this time, I thought I'd write 7 beautiful things about the person who gave it to me!

1. Sandra is ever so thoughtful.
2. She is extremely kind.
3. She is super talented, always crafting the most wonderful things.
4. She brings sunshine into everyone's day with her beautifully encouraging comments.
5. She is warm, genuine and shows she cares.
6. She is a giving woman and always from her heart.
7. She is an exceptional woman and a very beautiful friend.

Thank you Sandra for your selflessness in giving this award to others. You always bring sunshine to those around you. :-)


Monica said...

Terry, both you and Sandra are great ladies. And I am a fan of both of you.

I loved to read the lovely things you wrote about Sandra...

Congrats to you too for getting the award... you deserve it!

I have managed to make some jumbo roses with my Sizzix mini flower die cut. I promise to post the tutorial soon. Fingers crossed that all goes well and I don't produce shabby pictures...

BTW, how are your roses coming along?

Love you lots,


Audrey Frelx said...

Congratulations on your beautiful award, and what a wonderful thing as to give such praise to Sandra!

Mrs A. said...

You are a very lovely deserving person yourself to receive such an award. Congrats.

Monica said...

Hi, dear Terry,

I have something waiting for you... do visit my blog and collect it.

xxx Monica