Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Good morning lovely bloggers!

Today is Sweetest Day, the day to envelope chocolaty goodness and to share sweets with your love. For me, Valentine's Day is easy to wrap sweetness in. King Mufasa will enjoy the contents of this little craft more than its creativeness.

A few weeks ago, I posted a sneak peek of this little goody which is a smaller version of the box I made that shows similar 4 drawers on a shorter but wider plain. After I made it, I knew what to make King Mufasa for Valentine's Day.

I knew I wanted the four drawers to be on top of one another as a single unit. I glued each drawer on top of one another and added a bottom and top chipboard piece to keep it steady.

But it looked a bit plain, so I added this fabulous red glittery ribbon I found at Michael's at 50% off - how groovy was that? I added the flowers and it became a bit more elegant. I thought King Mufasa might even like my pin that I had made for a swap last year (kept one of these beauties for myself).

Now King Mufasa is not going to see this and think oh, how creative my wife is - he's going to want something inside. So I slipped those miniature chocolate sweets inside - he has a sweet tooth every now and again. He can keep this on his desk at work and snack every once in awhile.

With the leftover paper, I was able to make a cute card for him to cherish. (yeah, right - much like he'll have the cute drawer on his desk so the guys can tease him).

I like to keep it simple, no mushy words - just the facts, jack! :-) Oh, yeah, I better sign it, huh?

Thanks for stopping by to take a look. Here's hoping you're having the sweetest Valentine's Day too!

Happy Sweet Crafting! :~)


Rose Petal said...

Ahh Terry, how sweet and very adorable is this. He is so lucky to have you. This is made with all your love, and its filled with treats too, what more does a man want. Its so beautiful and a gorgeous card to go with it. Happy crafting my friend.
Lots of love, Sandra xx

Sandybeaches said...

Wow! Such gorgeous detail:) Super cute idea!

Monica said...

That is a stunning chest of drawers... how lucky is your King!!!

Love the red paper and the flowers are delightful. I remember the red pin you made for a swap last year.

And the card is just so befitting. Terry you have worked so hard - I am sure your man will be touched.

You know I actually gave my hubby a ready made card??? The reason being that it was humorous and he does not really appreciate those mushy cards, you know.

I love what you did...

And I love your visits as well... you write such sweet things that just make my day. You are a special lady, Terry.

Hugs always,


Joynana said...

Well Terry, once again. You have made another wonderful craft. Your husband will love it. Especially the candies. Have a great day.

Audrey Frelx said...

Terry, Terry, Terry!!! Girlfriend, this is soooo cute! And if you know me, you already know I love it!!!

Great job! Tooooo cute!

1CardCreator said...

Your DH is so lucky to have a crafty and creative lady like you! This is gorgeous, I'm sure he will love it. I agree with you, not too sure if he'll leave it on his desk at work, lol. Happy Valentines Day.

Donna said...

Hi Terry, what a wonderful Valentine's gift and card for hubby...your little stacking boxes are delightful and i can just imagine hubby looking for his sweet treats...your card is so stylish and I love that you have snuck in some extra hearts inside and out. I hope you've had a wonderful Valentine's Day :) Donna x