Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shopping at Pizzazz Aplenty!

Hey y'all!

Have you ever went to an online store and walked right out after seeing that there really wasn't anything there exciting and the prices were too high anyway? Don't you love it when you go to an online store and see fantastic stuff AND bargains galore? Well, when my blogger buddy, Diane (1Card Creator) posted one of her many fabulous creations and mentioned she'd gotten a load of great crafts at a great price from Pizzazz Aplenty, I HAD to check it out.

King Mufasa had given me an allowance and I spent a little at the store, happily! When it arrived, I was so excited! There was a special and if you ordered so much, you got free stuff!

Look at my free goodies! There's more:

Free samples! Now how cool is that? This is a great way to get your customer to try your products because if we like it (now, who could ignore that beautiful lace!?), they will be back to buy!

Most importantly, they'll create - isn't that dragonfly brad cute? I'd never have purchased it had Judy (the owner) not given me a sample. I love it on this card. See the flat Mulberry flower, pink twine, butterfly and the pretty green rosette? When my order came in, I knew I wanted to create a simple card (designer paper and card stock are from Stampin' Up!).

The flat Mulberry flower is great here with the blue rosette and butterfly and the twine matches perfectly. Yay - no more brown twine on everything I make! :-)

The best part of this experience was the customer service, like Diane said. Judy is phenomenal! (Thanks Diane!) She noticed I had ordered the color of the twine that was in her "free" package so she told me she would make a substitute -- even letting me pick the color I wanted. (Thanks Judy!) My package arrived the same week and I couldn't wait to craft. I love these simple cards! I'll make a set for someone special - how cool is that?!

I have some more to spend and am going to send some sweetness to some buddies across the water who have been sending me some cool stuff - this is a nice way for me to thank them don't you think? :-) If you haven't already, you should check out Pizzazz Aplenty - follow the blog so you don't miss the specials! ;-)

Thanks for stopping by - have a great week! I'm going shopping.... :-)

Happy Crafting! :~)


Rose Petal said...

Hi Terry. LOOK at thos gorgeous, bright and wonderful cards, they are stunning my friend, and I can tell you have been having some great crafting fun.
What fantastic goodies you have got, loads of beautiful things, and all those freebies and samples too. WOW.
Thank you for telling us about this place, I think I need to take a look, hehehe. Happy crafting sweetie.
Love, Sandra xx

Monica said...

Wow, those cards are simply beautiful with the lovliest colours... such pretty flowers.

Lucky you with all that shopping!



1CardCreator said...

Whoo hoo Terry! Those cards are gorgeous, I love all the sweet little touches like the colored twine. I am so glad you shopped with Judy at Pizzaz Aplenty. She is just the sweetest person and such detail to customer service. Not only do you get the promised free gift with your purchase but she sends you samples of extra's! She is awesome and so are you for writing such a great post about her. ~Diane

Jan said...

Well Diane certainly hooked you up :) She finds some good deals, for sure!
Such cute cards, too!
About my flower...well, my honey brought me a sweet roll from the bakery and I looked at the little bag it was in and thought..HEY! I could make a flower out of this! It was white on the outside and waxed on the inside. I stamped it with a music stamp and then put it together. HAHA..sometimes the best things are free :)

cindy said...

Fun stuff and fabulous cards.

Donna said...

Hi Terry...lucky you going on a craft spending spree and what gorgeous goodies you got too! Both of your cards are incredibly pretty and I love how you have used the rosebuds as the centres of the flowers...some twine too...scrummylicious :) enjoy your freebies too...looking forward to seeing your next creation :) x