Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hmmm...wonder what it could be...

Hey y'all,

When I found the baby bottles, the stroller, diaper pins and that paper, I knew I had to make something. The thing is, the idea is different than when I first laid eyes on the paper in the store. Maybe you can guess. Here's a sneak peek:

Here's some of the paper that is left. Of course you can make a lot of things with paper. What do you think I made?

You can see a little bit of the baby bottle - isn't it cute?

There's one of the diaper pins and of course some Wild Orchid flowers. No matter what it is, flowers always add a bit of loveliness to it, doesn't it?

Hmmm...what's this? Looks familiar but...what could it be a part of? Now, the project is something I typically make but it's something I've never made before...well, not this type of project anyway. *smile* Do YOU know what it is?

If you do, leave me a comment and the first comment will receive this little fun prize above from my favorite store, Pizzazz Aplenty.

Happy Guessing! :~)


Rose Petal said...

Oh wow Terry, it looks like you have been having fun. I have an idea what you are making, but, I will not spoil the fun for everyone else.
Exciting eh!! Happy crafting.
With love, Sandra xxx

flipacano2 said...

Hey Terry, it's Cassi...I know, I know. Oh wait, I cheated, you told me! LOL Hope someone guesses the right answer!!

Faye said...

Stop teasing! xxx

1CardCreator said...

Definitely for a baby shower, maybe place cards for the tables?

Terry Oulboub said... that's something, Diane. I'll have to make those one day! Come on...try again... :-)

Donna said...

Hi Terry, you are such a tease, I can't wait for the full reveal and I'm already loving the gorgeous papers and lush polka dot ribbon...I'll keep popping back for the unveiling! Thanks for the birthday wishes for Sophie...she's had a fab day :) Donna x

Mrs A. said...

Maybe a pram? Don't you go telling Faye what it is before 5th May. That'll teach her!!!
Hugs Mrs A.