Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hello there fellow bloggers,

I am a member of Life is a Scrap Beach, which was created by the lovely Kathryn and within this lovely crafting space, I've met and found some of the world's best crafters. You've probably seen some of the videos on You Tube, been inspired by their crafts and felt inclined to make things out of your own comfort zone. I know that I have.

So, I joined some of the swaps there and let me tell you that recently, I've been floored.

I received goodies in a mini album swap with Faye Rai. She included this beautiful tag. Don't you just love it? I was so in awe of her talent that I just oooh'd my way through the video. I'm so inspired to make these for my design team that I'll be out getting alphabet stamps for this project.

I joined a swap in which Belinda A. was my partner and it was her first paper swap. We only needed to swap patterned paper, card stock, send a little embellishment and a sweet. Well, she, like Fay Rai, went way past that, gave so much more! Look at the beautiful tag she made. I think she made that flower - isn't it GORGEOUS! Plus, she made another one that coordinated with the papers - I'll be making a mini for myself and show you later. It is going to be fabulous (my favorite color scheme - light blue with green, yellow and violet).

These two ladies really made my day, inspired me to higher levels of creativity and instilled in me the spirit of "super giving" in swapping! They are both sweet and amazing - check out their pages from the link in their names - you'll be amazed at their talent!

Thanks for stopping by! :-)

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Mrs A. said...

These are gorgeous and the colours are lovely. Especialy like the purple one.