Friday, September 17, 2010

Guessing Game

Good mornings lovely bloggers,

I have something fun today! I've been practicing with my Copics every chance I get and thought I could have a little guessing game. Wanna play?

I had come across a blogger who mentioned that she colored her images ahead of time and then when it was time, created her cards/paper projects. I thought what great time management that was and started to do the same. Some of these were colored BEFORE my Copics certification class. Can you tell which ones were?

Tell me the THREE images that were colored prior to the class and I'll send the winner a lovely RAK. I will announce the winner (the one with the most correct answers) on Monday.

Thanks for stopping by and playing! :-)


Rose Petal said...

Hi Terry. What a fabulous idea and a great game.
Come on all you crafters out there and join in the fun. Happy crafting.
With love, Sandra xx

Monica said...

How clever you are Terry - to think of this game...

Trust you to think of RAK.

Bless you,


Joynana said...

Terry, what a great game choice. But just looking at this picture is really hard for me to tell.
But, ok everybody let us know what you think. I need the right answers. Terry you always have such great ideas.

Terry Oulboub said... does it mean my coloring has not improved? LOL! I think I probably should have mentioned three were "blended" - you can see hard lines on the other images but not the new ones. Oh well, tomorrow's post will show the three - in living color. Heehee...

Mrs A. said...

Ok. Here goes in no particular order.
The girls having lunch
The large coffee mug
The girl in the green dress.

Terry Oulboub said...

I'll give you a hint - one is an animal, one has stripes, and the other has orange in it.

Heather said...

Oh this is going to be HARD!!! and I did NOT peek at anyone elses answers first...

The little girl in the green dress holding the teddy

The little boy holding the orange sign

The little girl in the purple pants

???? So hard!!! they are all so beautifully colored.

Hugs to you and thanks for the fun game!!!

Heather said...

I should have read your hints!!!

The boy with the sigh,

girl in green dress

AHHH!!! This is so hard! The one with the girl in the orange pants and hat for the stripes? (YES! Your coloring has improved. I see it in your shading and blending! It is just hard to pick them out of the stack without 'LOOKING' at them :D lol!!! I love your shading on the little girl in the orange dress and the one in the burgundy dress. If only I could have gotten the pic larger and could zoom in, lol!!! :D hugs again