Friday, September 3, 2010

Something Different

Happy Friday!

The sun is back blazing above and I haven't any relief from it in this tiny little cracker box, but onward I go, trying to make the best of things.

I think I've mentioned how easily bored I get...what about you? Have you ever tired of making cards or doing the same thing? Well, I get ever so tired of the same thing quite quickly and have to switch it up a bit. That's why I like to do swaps - it takes me out of my comfort zone and to another place where I get to be creative and most of the time, it's a lot of fun.

I have been crocheting for 24 years and this shell patter is my favorite, as it is easy (5 dc in a sc, sc in 3rd dc of cluster, etc.). My first mother-in-law taught me to read a pattern and I've made teddy bears, dolls, pin cushions, potholders, doilies (with the very thin thread), scarves (with fun fur), and so on. This is what I started two days ago. Normally, one wouldn't make an afghan in the heat, but I need to change the pace between the mini albums, making cards, tags, and ATC's. I'll be done with it by the end of Ramadan (next Friday).

What do you do when you're tired of doing the same thing?


Monica said...

Hi Terry,

You are an amazingly talented lady to make that beautiful afghan (in the heat!) I love that olive green.

Crocheting and being able to read how to do it - well, that is something, indeed.

I think because you have so much talent, you tire easily of one thing. But I think you are truly blessed to have so many talents.

Idul Fitri is coming soon. So much to look forward to...

In Indonesia, most people are fasting and even though we don't fast, we feel quite a part of the holy month. Today I went and gave Idul Fitri gifts to my younger daughter's teachers. Giving is always such a nice feeling.



Croms' Cubby Hole said...

Haha I never do 1 thing at a time. There's always something else to do while paint/glue dries. If all else fails - read

Faye said...

Wow, can't wait to see the finished piece. When I'm tired of the same old thing, I go to the craft shop and buy new stash!! ;)

Mrs A. said...

All that in only 2days? I'm well impressed. I tend to have about 6 things on the go at any one time so I just flit from one to other. Making 2 different dolls at the moment both requested in pink so I'm a happy bunny. Need to have the 1st one finished by Saturday so will be burning the midnight oil tonight!

Joynana said...

Wow Terry, I can't beleive that this is another thing that we have in common. I have been crocheting since I was 19, a nurse that I worked with taught me. She was left handed and I was right handed. It was an interesting learning experience. I love this pattern, but I have not used it much. You are a truly multitalented lady. I will have to post one of mine and let you see what I can do. Love it Terry.

I love reading, crocheting and photography. I really want to get more into the photography. I plan to take some classes this as soon as I can get the teacher that I want.

1CardCreator said...

That is beautiful Terry! I never have enough time to get get bored of anything! That and I am a very content person by nature. Thanks for sharing.


Audrey Frelx said...

Terry, your crochet work is beautiful!!!

I haven't gotten tired of crafting yet that I know of. When I was working I never had enough time to craft like I wanted and now that I'm retired, I think I'm just still catching up! LOL!

Donna said...

Gish Terry this is gorgeous and such beautiful colours have done so welll so get so much done in such a short space of time...hats off to you my friend for being so speedy :) I used to crochet blankets for Sophie when she played with dolls and before I started paper crafting...when I'm bored I tend to reach for the nearest bar of chocolate and start munching until I'm full lol! :) Donna x

mulberry station said...

Beautiful afghan Terry. I haven't done much crocheting lately...but I have in the past. I go from one thing to the next too. Right now I am building another quilt. This new one has flowers on it. I will be posting it down the road a bit as it is still in the piecing together stage. It won't be long though before I start quilting it. Over the years I have done lots of counted cross stitch, drowing, painting, sewing, wood crafts. You name it...I have probably done it. have lots of wonderful talents too!!! Thanks for sharing them with us.