Monday, March 22, 2010

My dear Fluff...

You know I happened upon a young lady's blog one day and it was just the zaniest blog ever, just had me laughing. Another day, I crept over there and lo, and behold, the humor had me literally laughing out loud and as I went to make a comment, I couldn't! Her family had commented on her blog and were cracking me up. King Mufasa stirred at my laughter and asked what was so funny so I had to read the commentary to him. He grunted (which is his way of laughing). It never ended. I'd get to see a beautifully crafted card with some "home" humor about her brother or how she stashes the goods from her VUH (very understanding hubby) and then some news about Alien (yes, another crafty diva) or even Doc Shingles would come in with a quip or two. But she's got this rather grouchy, but darling, brother, who claims she's bullied him as a child. I don't buy it at all. Oh...and then there's the story about Alien showing her...oh, never mind - you'll have to dash over and keep up with the comedy hour yourself.

The reason for the post is above. Isn't it just the most beautiful lot to open in the mail? Push the bills aside and lookee here...I was just so touched. I didn't even know who had sent it. King Musfasa read the card (I didn't recognize the return address), which reads: "Terry, you are such a kind and lovely lady. I couldn't let your generosity go by without a token of gratitude! Hugs Faye" (aka FluffnStuff) - I love the paper - the bears are my favorite (I love teddy bears) and the flowers; did you see the cute Love charms and the frame...the stamped images - love them because I don't have any of those...and the card is so delightful (will have to scraplift that), will go in my "blogger friends" mini album I'm making.

*sigh* She really is a sweetheart, isn't she? I hadn't done anything. She doesn't realize that just stopping by her blog is such a heart warming thrill, I'm the one who needs to send her gifts! (Oh, I shall - she sells Stampin' Up, so I'll order something from her catalog!). Her mother, Mrs. A, is also very crafty - you should check out her blog too!

Isn't it wonderful to discover beautiful people in the world, no matter how far? It's heaven.

Thank you, Fluff! You really are a treasure!


Faye said...

Aww, shucks, I'm blushing! You sent me a mountain of choklit, and leave such lovely comments, it's the least I could do! Hugs. xxx

Mrs A. said...

Yep. And Faye scoffed the lot too.
Which reminds me I have a load of Choklit pin cushions to make. I love all your comments and your snippets about King Musfasa.

Myra said...

Okay, I can use a laugh so I'm heading over to her blog! Thanks for sharing!

Myra said...

Terry, you're right! She is a riot and she and her mum are both talented so I'm following their blogs now! :-)

Carrie said...

It's funny... I follow fluff and have stumbled on your blog from hers..
I am new-ish to bloggin but love how you find wonderful friends on here.

You have a wonderful blog too and I think I'm gonna enjoy following you xx