Saturday, October 10, 2009

Admiration for a fellow crafter

I've been checking out this blog for awhile and finally decided to follow it because I didn't want to miss anything. ;p

I am really inspired by Maria's blog. She has awesome tutorials that are easy to follow and her cards are exceptional! When you have a chance, check out Stampin Inspirations by Maria. She really puts a lot of effort into making these artistic beauties. I have been able to make one of the tutorials and tried to do the flap card and failed miserably. But, I'm not giving up.

Here are a few cards I tried that impressed me so much because of their elegance. My cards look nothing as beautiful as Maria's but with the right "stuff", I'll get there.

The flap on these cards is vellum and then overlaid with a designer pattern (not all). These I did as a "trial" so that I can do the really cool ones to give to two special people from my insurance company that inspired me with my SU business!
This weekend, Maria further impressed me with her "have you ever looked back in time and wished..." where she listed things she would do differently if she could. I really liked that because she shared something about herself besides her artistic abilities. It's great because it helps you get to know a person better. It's like those who take the time to comment on your work on your blog; so nice and encouraging!

I just thought I'd share that with you. There are others who have touched me that way and I hope as you blog hop, you get to find new crafter friends that inspire and touch you too!

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Maria said...

Hi Terry! Thank you for your comments on my blog!! I really appreciate that you actually read it! LOL! Sometimes people don't read but just look at the projects! Wow, thanks you for the shout out about my blog! I'm honored! You did a wonderful job with the cards! Very pretty! I'm glad you tried it out! It's just fun to come up with different ways of presenting a card. . don't you think? Keep up what you're doing with your blog! You're doing wonderful!!!