Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Won! Scrap-a-Daisy!

You know, I have always stated that my reason for getting involved in challenges is to help me improve my craft, which it has been. If you've been watching since I started this blog in August, you can tell, I've stepped my game up a bit. *smile* I am surrounded by so many artistic people that I can't even begin to name the ones who've helped me because I'd forget someone and I'd feel bad, so its best not to. But I do follow blogs because of the content, the exceptional quality of the projects made on those blogs. These are ones I've come across and went, oooh...ahhh.

Okay, onto my winnings!!I was chosen by the random number generator. I'm not a fan of using this technique for card challenges because it doesn't test the truth of your ability. However, in this format, all we had to do was become a follower and leave a comment. How easy is that? Here's my comment:

"Tanisha said your art was incredible and she wasn't kidding! WOW! I really like the way you design your craft - it is so doggone cute! I need to follow just to get inspired! I envy you making cards all day on WCMD!!! I love it when someone is as addicted to this craft as I am. :D Happy Crafting!"

Tanisha started following my blog so I had to follow hers (Life's Simple Pleasures) - she is a really great crafter, you should check out her projects! One day, she mentioned a few friends and described their art and suggested we check them out, so of course I had to go see. She was not exaggerating. Leslie of Scrap-a-Daisy is AMAZING!
See, I wasn't saying that stuff just to get the candy. I love to look at the work others do and I like to comment because many have come to my blog and commented, encouraging me with my crafts and I can't tell you how wonderful it makes you feel!

Thanks Leslie for making my day!! Thanks Tanisha for mentioning her on your blog. I'd like to send you something -- to "pay it forward" so to speak.


almondeyez2000 said...

Like I said in the the email, thank you, but this all you! Enjoy it, you are a great crafter yourself, thats what I love about this we are all different yet we are all the same in this crafty little world!

Terry Oulboub said...

Tanisha, you are a true gem. That just makes me want to do SOMETHING for you!! :p